Company Profile

Building Hawaii's Future | Established 1940

S & M Sakamoto, Inc. is one of Hawaii’s leading diversified construction firms.

S & M Sakamoto, Inc. was founded in 1940 when two brothers decided to go into business as home builders. Six years later, a third brother joined the firm and during the following three decades, four sons of the original Sakamoto brothers joined the firm. In 1965, the company was incorporated under its present name. Since then, a third generation of the Sakamoto family and several other professionals from outside the Sakamoto family have joined to round out the close-knit management team.


Over the years, our firm has greatly expanded its construction activities beyond homebuilding, and today has the ability to perform all types of construction throughout the entire state. For many years, S & M Sakamoto, Inc. has helped to build Hawaii and with our experience, skilled workforce and commitment to excellence, we will continue to help build Hawaii long into the future.